Variable Speed Drive controls the Frequency and torque of your pump or motor. You can easily regulate the Pressure of your pump to ensure a more stable Pressure output.

Float Level Switches can be used in various applications. The two most commonly used is..... Switching your pump OFF when it starts to run dry Switching your pump ON to refill your water back up tank from your b

Direct on Line Starter Protection Features: Dry Run Locked Rotor Overload or Phase Failure/Reversal/Imbalance Over/under voltage Auto Calibration for easy Commissioning Can be connected with

Automatic Flow Control registers flow from 0 to 6m³/h. Pump will automatically start up when pressure decreases (tap opens) and switch of when there is no flow (tap closed/reservoir empty).   TECHNICAL DATA

New Technology Pressure Tanks. No membrane to replace. Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.   TECHNICAL DATA: Single Diaphragm design Patented stainless steel water connection Virgin Polypropylene
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